Go beyond opinions with data from 1,500 consumers

Gain actionable insights on CX expectations across generations and industries that you can use to future-proof your business.

Convince & Convert sponsored this first-of-its-kind research as part of the Experience Dynamic collective, and in partnership with The Center for Generational Kinetics.

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Get answers to these important CX questions

  • How can you provide positive customer experiences that are memorable for each generation?

  • What makes Gen Z stand out, and how are they influencing the other generations?

  • What are the top ways to recover after providing a bad customer experience?

  • How influential are online ratings and reviews for each generation?

  • Where should you focus CX resources in order to gain a competitive advantage?

See what Behavioral Researcher, Jason Dorsey, had to say about the report during the recent State of CX webinar:

"Now is the time for business and organization leaders to recognize that customer experience is about meeting each generation and customer where they are through the lens of what matters to them. And to do that, you have to know their expectations."

Chris Johnson
Experience Dynamic CEO

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Jason Dorsey

Behavioral Researcher, Author, & Speaker

Jason Dorsey is an acclaimed generations and behavioral researcher and speaker. Jason delivers transformational insights that future-proof businesses, shedding new light and revealing practical solutions for bridging generations of customers, clients, employees, and stakeholders.


Chris Johnson

CEO of Experience Dynamic

Chris Johnson has more than 25 years of experience providing strategic digital marketing guidance and has helped develop strategies for top global brands. He offers a wealth of insight and strategic knowledge to our clients and project staff, allowing us to offer innovative and competitive expertise for brands of all sizes.


Kelly Santina

President of Convince & Convert

Kelly Santina brings over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, project management, and technology integration. She oversees team efforts, maximizes efficiency and organization, and contributes to the overall strategy and development of new products and services for high level clients.


About Experience Dynamic

Experience Dynamic (XD) is a collective of companies committed to customer experience. From the first touchpoint through the full life of your customer, Experience Dynamic helps solve complex problems to fuel meaningful engagements that drive results for your brand. With both Convince & Convert (Content Marketing & CX Strategy) and LaneTerralever (Marketing & Digital Experience) as part of the collective, Experience Dynamic guides clients through transformational CX change.