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The Social Pros Podcast has been your sidekick through the twists and turns of social media marketing. Now, we're giving you the inside track to not just play the game, but to win it.

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Full Video of Episode 600

Watch as current hosts Daniel Lemin and Hannah Tooker discuss social insights and trends with former hosts Jay Baer and Adam Brown along with Reddit's Allison Day.


Social Pros 600 eBook

A distilled essence of our landmark 600th episode.

Strategies that have stood the test of time, ready for you to deploy.

Exclusive insights from social media gurus that are pure gold.

A round robin highlight of top recommend episodes to listen to that will elevate your brands social efforts.


BONUS: The 9 Social Media Metrics That Matter eBook

The metrics that truly define success, demystified.

A guided tour of analytics tools to help you track your triumphs. 

Advice on turning data into stories that showcase your brand's journey.

Tips on who should be the champion of metrics on your team. 

Easy-to-follow report templates for maximum clarity and impact. 

Benchmarks to help you understand where you stand in the social media landscape.

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About Social Pros:

Social Pros is one of the longest-running marketing podcasts in existence (10 YEARS and counting). This podcast has won two Podcast/Audio series awards from Content Marketing Institute and is consistently recognized among the top social media and marketing podcasts to listen to. 

Listeners get inside stories and behind-the-scenes secrets about how teams at companies like Google, Reddit, Glossier, Zillow, Lyft, Marvel, and dozens more, staff, operate, and measure their social media programs. 

With 600+ episodes, the Social Pros Podcast brings the humanity of social media to the forefront, while providing incredibly useful marketing strategies that listeners can immediately implement.

This is more than a podcast — it's real people doing real work in social media.