Stop churning and make healthcare content that drives results.

After working with dozens of hospitals and healthcare providers, we’ve developed a proven content formula to help marketing leaders like you address their audience needs and build a connection to their brand.

Convince & Convert's President Kelly Santina walks you through our 5x5x5 content methodology that allows you to:

- Identify your top 5 healthcare audiences
- Audit their top 5 questions
- Provide content with answers at each of the 5 key stages of the marketing funnel

With the 5x5x5 formula at your disposal, you will be able to better understand your audiences’ wants, needs, and expectations, in order to provide content that is meaningful and effective. It’s time to maximize the content you already have, and identify any gaps for content that needs to be created.

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We’ve Helped These Hospital & Healthcare Brands Connect to Their Audience

About the Speaker


Kelly Santina

President of Convince & Convert

Kelly Santina has attained over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, project management, and technology integration. She oversees team efforts, maximizes efficiency and organization, and contributes to the overall strategy and development of new products and services for high level clients.